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By partnering with Tearfund, you’re transforming lives and helping people lift themselves out of poverty every day.

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Your donation of $35 helps lift an entire family out of poverty. And you can do it every month.

In the past year, with your help…

People improved their diet through agricultural training
Built wealth for a better future through Village Savings & Loans Groups
Received life-changing aid in times of crisis

Stories of Transformation

Your generosity is making a difference all around the world. Here’s how:

The Noble Job

September 9, 2019Fleeing from Syria, Fatima and her husband uprooted the lives of them and their three children to find refuge in a tent of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. The years passed and ... Read More

A Better Life

September 5, 2019As a single mother from Dodoma, Tanzania, 29 year old Pendo Komba desired to give her two young boys a better life than she had. As a young girl, Pendo’s ... Read More

A Garden of Opportunity

September 2, 2019After losing her husband, Muviri was forced to be the sole provider for her large family of 9. She lacked a sufficient income to support herself, let alone her large ... Read More
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Our Remarkable Donors

We’re blessed to be supported by wonderful men and women who seek to follow Jesus where the need is greatest.

  • Your Impact 1

    Jane Roach

    Barrie, Ontario

    Although Jane had been a supporter of Tearfund Canada for five years, she always wanted to learn more about Tearfund’s programs. When she heard about the opportunity to join a discovery trip to Ethiopia she decided to make the journey, to see and learn first-hand for herself. “I would love to see more supporters  participate in a discovery trip and take their stories and their experiences back to their churches & workplaces." Read More...

  • Your Impact 2

    – Matthew Wiley

    Lead Pastor, Rice Road Community Church

    Tearfund Sunday is an opportunity for us to pool our resources together and to make a difference in the lives of others. The experience was uplifting and uniting. It brought the congregation together and it has prepared us for the conversation we are having now in regards to sending people on short term missions trips.

  • Your Impact 3

    Edwin and Regina Dyck

    West Kelowna, BC

    We love Tearfund Canada's work on conservation agriculture. Through it we are able to help communities become self-sufficient. The expertise in this area is one of the areas Tearfund is different from other non-profits.

Your Questions, Answered

We decide which countries to work in using internationally recognised indicators of poverty to inform our choices. To find out more about the countries where our partners are meeting material and spiritual needs, visit our About page.

We understand that there are many needs across the world and many places where people are still living in poverty. Tearfund has to make some very hard decisions about how to use the limited financial resources that are entrusted to us and it is not possible for us to support every country.

Want to extend your impact? Learn more about God’s plan for the poor? Or spread the word? We have a wonderful set of resources designed to help.

What is Mission? – Participating in God’s Mission

September 5, 2019As we live as Jesus’ disciples, God will be able to work through us to bring transformation. The following three things will help us to be active participants in God’s ... Read More

What is Mission? – The Mission of the Church

September 4, 2019The church’s mission is to show people God’s love and to invite them into a relationship with him. (See Matthew 28:19–20, Acts 4:32–35) After Jesus had ascended to heaven and ... Read More

What is Mission? – Jesus’ Mission

September 3, 2019Through Jesus Christ, our relationships with God, each other and creation can be restored. (See Luke 4:16–21) Jesus’ mission was to make it possible for our relationships with God, each ... Read More