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You’re changing lives. Here’s how.

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Stories of Change

Real change for real people. You are helping transform the lives of people all over the world. 

Three years ago, Asnakech could only feed her family for three months a year from her farm. For the remaining nine months, they suffered. Without food and money, her children eventually dropped out of school.

But then she had the opportunity to be trained in new farming skills which transformed her life. Today, she grows TEN TIMES the amount of food. “When I think about the change in my life, overcoming struggles, feeding my children… this makes me happy,” Asnakech says.

See the change around the world

You’re creating change that is empowering and long-lasting. Our goal is to equip families so that they can escape poverty with their own two hands. We don’t believe in Band-aid solutions.

Exponential Impact

Extreme poverty is a big problem that requires big solutions. You are creating change that multiplies—not only changing individual people, but entire communities.

A group of women in a self-help group laughing together outside of a blue and white building. One woman is holding a young child.

Change by the Numbers (2021)

received life-saving aid
expanded their savings
church leaders mobilized their churches
women and girls were empowered
had access to more food
church and community leaders were trained in Biblical trauma healing


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