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Whole-life transformation

Together we’re stopping the cycle of poverty

Last year, with the help of our donors, thousands of families were able to live out their God-given potential.

2020 Impact report
Ethiopia Tearfund Project
South Sudan

Field Stories

Juliana leads us through patches of wilting maize crops under the hot, Kenyan sun. The air is dry, it hasn’t rained for months. We walk past patches of small, wilted bean stocks that gently sway in the hot breeze. Suddenly, we turn a corner behind Juliana’s thatch-roofed home and enter a lush, green patch of land brimming with healthy crops.
Kanini lives in a small rural village in Kenya with her three children. Only a few years ago, Kanini worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, in an attempt to provide for her family. She performed chores for other families, washed clothes, and even tilled fields in the hot Kenyan sun.
A quiet movement has been happening. In 1970, after 150 years of missionary activity, the number of Christians in Odissa state was a mere 2000. But then a miracle happened.

Your Questions


How do you decide 'where the need is greatest'?

We decide which countries to work in using internationally recognized indicators of poverty to inform our choices. To find out more about the countries where our partners are meeting material and spiritual needs, visit our About page.

We understand that there are many needs across the world and many places where people are still living in poverty. Tearfund has to make some very hard decisions about how to use the limited financial resources that are entrusted to us and it is not possible for us to support every country.

What is the difference between helping the poor and empowering the poor?

Empowering the poor is all about training people to solve their own problems. It’s about ensuring sustainability. Helping often implies just giving “stuff”.

In North America, poverty is seen primarily as an economic program, but in reality, poverty is multifaceted – affecting all aspects of a person’s life including the physical, social, mental and spiritual conditions.

Therefore, we don’t believe poverty can be solved by “giving” money to those who lack it. It creates a dependency rather than a sustainable way out of poverty. 

This is why all our programs focus on teaching the poor how to build and save wealth on their own to escape poverty using their own resources. This approach is much more effective in the long-run, helping thousands out of poverty and stay out.

What does the 'tear' in Tearfund stand for?

Tear is an acronym which stands for “The Evangelical Alliance Relief” fund

How do you work with the local church?

We work through the local church in a number of ways.

First, the vast majority of our on-field partners are relief arms of local church denominations which are led by Christian leadership.

Second, we empower pastors through our church-based community transformation program. This program works with pastors, providing them training and other resources, to help them understand the role the church has in addressing poverty and giving them the tools they need to help their church lift people out of poverty using programs such as agricultural training and savings groups.

What is Tearfund's relationship with Tearfund UK and other Tearfunds?

Unlike other relief and development organizations, there is no overarching governing body or Tearfund head office. The Tearfund Family of agencies hold a common set of values and ways of working as they seek to rid the world of poverty and injustice.

 Tearfund Family are committed to:

  1. A shared Christian identity grounded in the evangelical movement that places importance on biblical justice, the restorative role of the church in society and an active faith in Jesus Christ. Tearfunds’ manifest this through their approach to relief and development.
  2. Partnership, working with each other and through local Christian partners (where possible), both in fundraising and advocacy and in relief and development contexts.
  3. Pursuing excellence and accountability in all their undertakings.
  4. Valuing each member’s diverse strengths while committing to acting with consideration for the interest of the combined Tearfund Family.

The Tearfund Family is comprised of: Tearfund (Canada), Tearfund (UK), Tearfund (New Zealand), TEAR Australia, Sel (France), Tearfund (Belgium), Tearfund (Ireland), TEAR Fund (Netherlands), Tearfund (Switzerland)

The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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