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Make an eternal impact

You can help end extreme poverty.

Join a passionate group of people who are changing lives by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of families living in extreme poverty.

The solution to poverty is more than physical; it’s spiritual too.


1 in 10 suffering

It's not okay that roughly 698 million people are living in extreme poverty.


Partial solutions

It's not okay that most solutions to poverty focus only on the physical, neglecting the spiritual, social, and emotional dimensions of poverty.


Reliance on handouts

It's not okay that so many resources go to providing 'handouts,' which do little more than put a band-aid on a gaping wound.

Our approach is different. Instead of handouts, you’ll be creating sustainable development through the local church. It’s more than empowering people to help them overcome poverty; it’s about loving our neighbours and joining God in his Kingdom-building, life-giving mission.

You helped impact


lives in 2022!

You're stopping the cycle of poverty

Here’s the evidence

We believe God’s people are a hub of change. Join us in helping thousands of families live out their God-given potential as we did together last year.

Last Year
farmers used better agriculture techniques to grow 2-3x more food for their families
women started new businesses, paid for school fees, or helped in times of crisis through local Saving Groups
Church projects were initiated out of our church-based community transformation training and programs

Why Tearfund?

Here’s why:

1. Local church partnerships

The church is the most effective vehicle for bringing opportunity and hope into a community. Through Tearfund, you work with churches in the poorest places on Earth to unlock people’s God-given potential.

2. Deep, lasting

Your donations provide training that maximizes the number of families who will be able to escape poverty for good.

3. Full-life transformation

Poverty is more than a physical problem. Our holistic, biblically-based model addresses the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social aspects of poverty.

Become an Outpour Partner

Join a community of devoted monthly donors who are passionate about helping end the cycle of poverty through God’s love. 

Monthly giving is the most powerful way to have a year-round impact on the lives of moms and families in the world’s poorest places. Your monthly contribution of $50 helps release one family from the grips of extreme poverty each year and strengthens the local church to transform their entire community. 

What are you looking for today?