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We praise and thank God for the many stories of families and communities who are freed from poverty thanks to your generous support and our local partners. These are their stories.

Stories of Transformation

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Juliana leads us through patches of wilting maize crops under the hot, Kenyan sun. The air is dry, it hasn’t rained for months. We walk past patches of small, wilted bean stocks that gently sway in the hot breeze. Suddenly, we turn a corner behind Juliana’s thatch-roofed home and enter a lush, green patch of land brimming with healthy crops.
Kanini lives in a small rural village in Kenya with her three children. Only a few years ago, Kanini worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, in an attempt to provide for her family. She performed chores for other families, washed clothes, and even tilled fields in the hot Kenyan sun.
A quiet movement has been happening. In 1970, after 150 years of missionary activity, the number of Christians in Odissa state was a mere 2000. But then a miracle happened.
Wasifa used to travel 45-60 minutes, from her small village to a city hospital, for diabetes testing. Often, the hospital didn't even carry the medication she needed. Thanks to Tearfund this call changed.
Fleeing from Syria, Fatima and her husband uprooted the lives of them and their three children to find refuge in a tent of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.
Farming is full of uncertainty, agriculture requires rain, pastoralists require protection from illness, and farmers have to stay healthy enough to manage all of the above.
The sound of animals crying, gunshots, and screaming people fill the air. Fikiri and Denise run outside to see rebels stealing their animals and crops.
"Tell the Canadians we’ll continue with CA farming – we can see the difference in yield and soil quality it makes, so we’ll continue to expand our CA fields. Thanks to all for supporting the program"
“My neighbours are amazed and asking me to teach them about conservation agriculture so they too can help provide for their families next year”.
Mr. Mbuvi Kimanza is a subsistence farmer, husband and a father of five children. He recounts his life with opening remarks, “life was not easy 3 years ago when I joined the Kyambusia group in 2016 and started saving”.
It’s a hot afternoon with no clouds on the horizon, the heat is typical to the Democratic Republic of Congo but still surprises me during each visit.
As a single mother from Dodoma, Tanzania, 29 year old Pendo Komba desired to give her two young boys a better life than she had.
Last December, hundreds of Christians across Canada gave generously to help local churches in Colombia run a feeding program for Venezuelan refugee children.
Pastor Kambale Muiliba (age 54) has been a pastor for over 20 years. His church is very poor and he has no salary, but he is allowed to farm the church land with his wife Kavujiho.
Before the local church stepped in, Ukume Boltana’s life looked bleak. After her husband died, his family cast her out with no inheritance, so she didn’t have a mere penny to her name. With unpredictable work, she struggled to feed and provide for her son for nearly two decades.

The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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