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Make an eternal impact in the life of a family

Leave a Legacy

"I know the work of Tearfund means a great deal to you, and I want to thank you personally for considering a legacy gift to Tearfund."

Legacy giving is an incredible way for you to share a bit of what God has blessed you with. It not only gives you the opportunity to provide for your family and loved ones, but to support the causes you care deeply about. For many people around the world, the effects of poverty, hunger, war, or conflict are overwhelming. But even in the most difficult of circumstances, there is always hope.
Your legacy could be the gift of life in the darkest of places, helping to provide long-term solutions to poverty and offering hope to those who need it most.
Thank you for joining us on this journey as we seek to show God’s love and grace, reaching out to those in need with hope and compassion.
– Wayne Johnson, CEO of Tearfund Canada

What options are available to you?

In Canada there are several tax-wise options that meet your financial priorities and legacy aspirations. Leaving a legacy gift to Tearfund provides long-term benefits to both you and your family, and to the many families we serve around the world.
Your gift will ensure families living in some of the most difficult places on earth can live free from poverty. It will also provide you with long-term tax, financial, and estate plans.

Depending on the type of financial investments you may have, there are several customizable ways to ensure that your gift’s impact endures for generations to come.

1. Wills and bequests – Wills are simple to create and do not need to be expensive. You may choose to give a portion of your property as a donation to Tearfund in your will. We recommend that you seek advice from your lawyer, tax advisor, or financial planner.
2. Stocks & Securities – Making a contribution to Tearfund Canada with your stocks can be of great benefit to you. There are no taxes on capital gains from the sale of stocks or mutual funds when giving to a charity. All gifts made through a stock, mutual fund, bond, or shares publicly traded on a CRA-recognized stock exchange are eligible for a charitable deduction tax receipt.
3. Property and endowments – Endowments are pooled donations that ensure your permanent impact on the lives of many impoverished families. Your donation remains protected and untouched in this fund. When these funds are invested, their value grows, enabling Tearfund to continue reaching the places of greatest need.
4. Gift annuities – Gift annuity agreements provide you with a life-long stream of annual income in exchange for contributing sizable support to Tearfund, either through cash, securities, or personal property. Tearfund will place your funds in a secure investment account. Then, according to your annuity agreement, you would receive a fixed monthly or quarterly stream of income from the fund for your lifetime. You also have the opportunity to take partial tax deductions immediately, as well as on a portion of the income stream. Gift annuities are a great vehicle to help balance your
charitable giving priorities with your financial goals.
5. Gifts in memory – One of the most meaningful ways to honour the life of your loved one or friend is to help ensure the local church fulfills its mission as Jesus’ hands and feet in this world. When you make a gift to Tearfund in memory of your loved one, Tearfund will send a letter on your behalf to the family, acknowledging your thoughtful gift.
6. Life insurance – The gift of life insurance is a cost-effective way to support Tearfund’s long-term goals. A qualified financial advisor can help you create, transfer, or designate a beneficiary for a life insurance policy. This allows you to be eligible for several tax savings.
A person walking with a child through a field in Kenya
Your gift will ensure families living in some of the most difficult places on earth can live free from poverty.

To request your copy of a Will Planning Guide, or to further discuss your impact through one of these giving options, please contact Wayne Johnson.

Wayne Johnson
Executive Director
Tearfund Canada
905-415-8181 (ext 215)


Tearfund Canada subscribes to the Seal of Financial Accountability as a certified member of the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities (CCCC). This seal is subject to their requirements and recommendations according to an annual review. 

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