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Seeds of Change

The Sun(flowers) are shining down on Jesca.

At 32 years old, Jesca just made a return of 170x.

Jesca and her husband, David, live in Chinoje village, Tanzania with their four children. Two years ago, they were taught conservation agriculture techniques and Jesca joined a savings group. They learned ways to market their new crops, including tools such as gross margin analysis and price scheduling.

Taking advantage of a government initiative, Jesca bought 8kg of improved sunflower seeds for $20. Valued for their oil, sunflower seeds are a popular cash crop in this part of Tanzania. She planted the sunflowers using the conservation agriculture methods she learned. When the time came she harvested 21 bags weighing an incredible 1,365kg! 170 times the amount she planted!!!

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But there was one problem. At harvest time, the price of sunflower seeds is low due to oversupply. So Jesca and her group came up with a solution. Using PICS bags they decided to aggregate and store their seeds for 4 months. In those four months, the price doubled.

Jesca plans to use her profit to pay for school expenses for her children and to rent a farm to double her sunflower production from 4 to 8 acres.

Your donations made this possible. Just like the parable of the mustard seed, a tiny investment led to an unfathomable impact.

You can help transform the lives of families who are living in extreme poverty

What are you looking for today?