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Kernels of Hope

Partner with farmers in Canada to transform the lives of farmers in East Africa! 

Your donation multiplied 2x!

Join Kernels of Hope as a Virtual Farmer and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar.

How it Works

1. You donate

Your donation provides seeds and supplies to farm an acre of land in Canada.

2. A Canadian farmer grows crops

The farmer in Canada grows these crops, sells them, and donates the proceeds (approximately $500) to Tearfund Canada.

3. Your funds are doubled

Every dollar donated to Tearfund’s account is matched by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. These funds get sent to farmers abroad.

How these funds impact farmers in poor places


Seed for Farmers

Tearfund Canada works with church partners to provide seeds, supplies, and training in conservation agriculture to farmers struggling to make ends meet.

Improved Crops

Farmers dramatically improve their crops, giving families more to eat and enough to sell in the local marketplace. These farmers have the chance to improve their lives even more!

Participating Farmers

We’re blessed to be supported by wonderful men and women who seek to follow Jesus where the need is greatest.

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What are you looking for today?