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Mustard Seed

Impact Report 2024

How God is using you to grow his Kingdom

Message from the CEO

“Immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine…” – Ephesians 3:20

When I look back at this past year, there have been many times I have been struck by this famous verse by the Apostle Paul. It has proved itself true over and over.

When we look at some of the global problems we are facing, they are daunting. Hunger is pervasive, conflict is increasing, drought more severe. It is tempting to think that there is nothing our small efforts can do.

But then I read the stories that come across my desk. I am absolutely at a loss for words when I read how God has taken our small efforts and multiplied them beyond what we could imagine. Sometimes, I even go back to our program team just to confirm what I am reading is correct!

The title of this report is Mustard Seed. Taken from Jesus’ parable, I believe it perfectly describes this year. Throughout the pages of this report, I hope you will be encouraged by how God has taken your donations, prayers, and support and used them in BIG ways. That it causes you to give thanks and worship the big God we serve.

Thank you for joining us last year to make all of this possible. We truly couldn’t do the work we do without your generous support.

God bless and thank you,

Global Impact

individuals hunger-free
trees planted, preventing erosion
churches empowered to transform their communities
lives saved through emergency relief

Stories of Change

Refuge in Faith

Women pray during a church service held in the parish of Kiwata village, Butembo, Democratic Republic of Congo, on 12 December 2021. Tearfund Canada continues to support several training and outreach programmes, with the help of CBCA, in the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to assist vulnerable communities out of poverty.

Discover the resilience of families fleeing violence in DR Congo as they seek refuge in the embrace of a church. Explore the journey of hope, empowerment, and community transformation amidst chaos and uncertainty.

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Rising Above​


At age 42, Wubitu Gosaye is still blazing new trails. “I was one of the first women in my village to join a savings group. At the time, I couldn’t have imagined the full benefit.”

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Seeds of Change

TearFund Canada_Tanzania_20220115_BrianOngoro-21

At 32 years old, Jesca just made a return of 170x. Jesca and her husband, David, live in Chinoje village, Tanzania with their four children. Two years ago, they were taught conservation agriculture techniques and Jesca joined a savings group. They learned ways to market their new crops, including tools such as gross margin analysis and price scheduling.

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Streams in the Desert


For three years in a row, the rains in Borena, Ethiopia, had failed. Some women we spoke with said they travelled up to 10km, each day, to collect water. It was the worst drought in a generation. And with it, came severe hunger.

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Hope Amidst Hardship

Am Salama Hamid

“We wouldn’t have survived without your support,” Am Salama Hamid, tells us. Before the recent war in Sudan, Am Salama and her husband were farmers and owned a small restaurant in Fudain, East Darfur. Life was good in their town, and Am Salama sold meat, porridge, and tea in her restaurant.

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Breaking Barriers

Regina Modong2

Having a woman headman is virtually unheard of in rural South Sudan, a country plagued by gender inequities. Recent estimates indicate that about 65% of women have experienced some form of sexual and gender-based violence, including acts of child marriage, partner violence, female genital mutilation, or trafficking.

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Meet Jesca

At 32, Jesca’s farming success soared with a 170x return. Learning conservation techniques and joining a savings group transformed her harvest. Buying 8kg of sunflower seeds for $20, she reaped 1,365kg, but faced low prices at harvest. Ingeniously storing seeds, their value doubled. Jesca plans to invest in her children’s education and expand her farm, thanks to your support.

From our Partners

Key Areas


Church Mobilization

The church is unstoppable because God is unstoppable. Through Tearfund, you're partnering with local churches to create real change and lead their communities to a future of hope and opportunity.

How you’re transforming communities from the inside out!

When churches understand their mandate to go beyond their walls and help “the least of these” remarkable things happen. In 2023, we heard stories of homes being built for widows, orphans being sent to school, gardens planted, wells dug, refugees fed, and relationships built. Communities begin to see the church as a place of hope and begin to come and learn about this Jesus.

Economic Empowerment

Last year, you provided families with the tools to help them slowly climb out of poverty using their own two hands and see a future of hope and opportunity.

You’re helping families break free from generational poverty.

The smallest change can make a big impact. Through saving groups, business and market training, and farmer cooperatives, you are helping families see new possibilities and break free from generations of poverty. In 2023, you helped 18,744 families change their lives using their own God-given skills and abilities

Emergency Aid

Sadly, last year was a record year for disasters. You gave us the ability to respond.

You’re helping save lives in times of crisis.

From Ukraine to Ethiopia, India to Sudan, 2023 witnessed a surge in conflict, unleashing devastating consequences far beyond the battle lines. Innocent lives suffer from hunger, mass displacement, and sexual violence in their struggle for survival. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to swiftly respond to many emergencies, saving lives and bringing the comforting love of Jesus to families amidst their pain.

Food Security

Recent events have pushed many families back into extreme hunger. But thanks to your help - we're pushing back. Last year you helped us not only meet immediate food needs but also set families on a path to having enough food for the future.

You’re helping families move from hunger to abundance.

Through emergency food distribution, improved farming methods, new crop varieties, and innovative storage practices, you are helping families escape the relentless gnawing of hunger and see a future of abundance.

Investing in Women

Gender abuse, violence and disrespect contravenes God's idea of partnership. Last year you helped equip and empower thousands of women and girls, providing them with confidence and putting them on a path to abundance.

You’re helping women and girls lead their communities out of poverty.

Gender inequality hinders the progress of communities, acting in opposition to the partnership envisioned by God. Your support last year enabled women not only to care for their families but step into leadership roles. When women flourish, the entire community does too.

Climate Adaptation

To those living in poverty, a changing climate is a matter of life and death. Droughts, floods, and disasters are making more difficult to farm and are destoying homes and livelihoods. But together, we're bringing hope.

You’re helping families in poverty adapt to a changing climate.

A changing climate may be an inconvenience to us, but to many around the world, it is a matter of life and death. In 2023, donors like you helped families adapt to a changing climate. Through climate-smart agriculture, water management, erosion control, and alternative revenue streams, you’re helping families see future of hope instead of devastation.

Part of Something Bigger

Our Partners

Our partners are an essential part of our work. Our local partners are on the frontlines, working in some of the most difficult conditions, serving the poor and implementing our life-changing work. By working through partners, our programs are locally led, cost-effective, and responsive to the needs of the communities we serve. Our Canadian partners are an invaluable source of prayer, funds, and encouragement as we walk together in serving Jesus where the need is greatest.

International Partners

Tearfund joins hands with esteemed international partners to bring hope and transformation to communities worldwide, amplifying its impact in delivering vital relief and sustainable development initiatives.

Official Supporting Churches & Denominations

Together, God’s people are a hub of change. We are so thankful to the many Canadian denominations who have partnered with Tearfund as their relief and development agency of choice.

Financial Accountability

Tearfund Canada exists to provide relief and development assistance to the world’s most oppressed, poor, and suffering people by partnering with churches and other Christian agencies and organizations.

We trust God for our finances. Our operations depend on the generosity of individuals, churches, foundations, businesses, as well as contracts from Global Affairs Canada and through Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

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For Future Programming



Help Transform More Lives 

Moving Forward

We are committed to working through and alongside nationally-led churches and their relief & development arms to be catalysts for sustainable change. As we look forward to 2024 and beyond, we have four key priorities.


Expanding our Church and Community Transformation Work

At the core of our work is a unique process called Church and Community Transformation.
We believe that the church is a catalyst of change and God’s primary way of bringing good news to the poor. In 2023 we trained and equipped 192 churches to reach beyond their walls and meet the immense physical and spiritual needs around them. The results have been remarkable. In 2024 we want to continue to expand this great work, going deeper with existing churches and partnering with new ones. We also have started to build relationships with various African seminaries, providing courses on holistic ministry. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to partner with the local church to transform the lives of those living in poverty.

Improving Program Excellence

We are honoured that our agricultural and economic empowerment training is considered top-class amongst our peers. In partnership with the Foodgrains Bank, we have implemented new innovations and pilot programs in an effort to increase your social return on investment. Yet our goal is to improve even further. In 2024, we will continue to look for new ways to help families out of physical and spiritual poverty.


Helping more Farmers Adapt to a Changing Climate

In 2024 we will continue to work on helping more farmers adapt to a changing climate. In partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, we have started an innovative new project called Nature Plus. This project will help improve the food security of families through the restoration of large landscapes in Ethiopia and Kenya that suffer from intense soil erosion, land over-utilization, and drought. Over the course of 3 years, farmers will implement conservation agriculture practices, engage in soil and water conservation, establish tree and forage nurseries, and water management techniques to overcome the challenges of food insecurity and poverty caused by a changing climate.


Continuing to Follow Jesus where the need is greatest

Current trends indicate that 2024 will be a year of increasing conflict and instability. Our team will continue to monitor emerging crises and continue to discern where God would have us respond. One such area is in Ethiopia through our Tigray Recovery Project. This three-year project will help the people of Tigray recover from the impact of two consecutive years of war. Through agricultural training, saving groups, and trauma healing, the project aims to restore the livelihoods and food security of approximately 6,000 individuals.

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