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For All The Earth

A changing climate is pushing millions into extreme poverty.

As God's people, we have an opportunity to be agents of love, compassion and hope.

Climate and Poverty

As we talk with families around the world the message is clear: climate change is threatening their lives. They tell us drought is more frequent. Storms, more severe. And that they are scared for their future.

A changing climate may be an inconvenience to us, but to many around the world it is a matter of life and death. Without action, climate change is poised to push 132 million more into extreme poverty by 2030.

We don’t believe that this is OK. Join us as we work towards a future where everyone can thrive.

What we do

Through climate smart agriculture, water management, and other practices we help farmers adapt to the reality of a changing climate.

By re-planting forests, managing erosion, and planning for the future, we help communities build resilience to climate change and its affects.

From small lifestyle changes to governmental policy, we promote a more sustainable world. Everyone has a part to play.

Download our report outlining our climate work over the last 2 decades 

The Frontlines of a Changing Climate

Climate change causes hunger, climate shocks and natural disasters all over the world. We work on the frontlines of the climate crisis, partnering with families and communities to overcome the poverty and injustice faced by the climate crisis.

These are their stories.

Make a Difference

A changing climate may be an inconvenience to us, but to many around the world it’s a matter of life and death.

You can help fund projects that will help families adapt and see a brighter future.

Other ways to help


Access resources on climate change, a biblical response, reports, and more.


Take action on the climate crisis


Invite a speaker to your church or small group

Climate change for Churches

Interested in learning and acting on climate change as a church? Check out these resources to help. Want to learn more? We would love to chat.

Prayer Video

Church Handout

Creation Church Talk

Want to chat?

Contact us to learn how your church can learn more about climate change and make a difference!

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about the changing climate, how you can help and the work Tearfund does, check out these resources below.  

For All Creation- A Must Have Conversation is a guide to help people have healthy and productive conversations about climate change and Christianity. 

View & Download

 We all know we should recycle and drive less. But what’s next? Caring for all the Earth provides practical suggestions to help you care for the earth and how to encourage your neighbours to do the same.

View & Download

Christianity and Climate Change is a video series with climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. Watch these videos to learn more about climate change and Christianity. 

Join us to become a catalyst in a hope-filled movement dedicated to caring for creation.

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