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When Helping Hurts

A six-part video course on how your church can alleviate poverty without hurting the poor… and yourself.

Good intentions are not enough.

Each year, tens of millions of dollars and volunteering hours are given by churches and Christians to support those living in poverty—whether internationally or within Canada. Although our mandate to serve the poor is strikingly clear, is it possible that much of our “helping” is actually hurting those very people we are trying to help?

Based on the highly acclaimed book, When Helping Hurts, this six-part video series will help unleash and equip your church by providing a biblically-based framework to address the root causes of poverty and its alleviation.

A Resource to Help Your Church

Whether you’re involved in short-term missions, or the long-term empowerment of the poor, this video course will help you in three key areas:

  1. Foundational concepts – who are the poor?
  2. Principles – Should we do relief, rehabilitation, or development?
  3. Strategies – How can we help people effectively here and abroad?
When Helping Hurts Church guide

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The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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