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Prayer is vital to the work that we do. Please join us by praying as we follow Jesus where the need is greatest.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. – Colossians 4:2

Prayer is at the foundation of what we do. As a Christian organization, we believe that God guides where our organization should work, gives us wisdom in difficult situations, and strengthens us in times of trouble. We believe that God hears and answers our prayers. Please join us in prayer.

This Month’s Prayer Points


Please continue to pray for those who are affected and are still suffering due to COVID-19. Please pray for us and our partners around the world as we work together in helping those in dire need. Pray for our teams in the field as they continue to respond and serve, that they may be healthy and protected.

Pray for governments around the world, that God will give them the wisdom in responding and battling the pandemic. And pray that people will not give in to fear but will rather trust God.

East Africa

We are thankful for your prayers about the locusts that devastated different parts of the world, especially East Africa. Now that the rainy season is approaching, its cool weather are causing the locusts to retreat to the warmer desert, thus saving the farmer’s crops! Praise God!

DR Congo

Pray for peace and harmony in the Congo, as well as the different parts of Africa, as they face ethnic violence and terrorism from some rebel groups. Pray for the people’s and our partners’ safety, and that God’s mercy, grace and peace would be upon the people.

Pray also for our new COVID-19 project, designed to help farmers get their crops to market so they will be able to sell them and continue their climb out of poverty. Pray that the project runs smoothly and accomplishes what it hopes to.


Our partners in Lebanon praises God for the new projects that they were able to implement, but they are still in need of support. Please pray for God’s provision as they continue to fight COVID-19 in the midst of the difficult living situations in the refugee camps. Pray for our partners’ and the refugees’ safety and good health.

Pray also for Beirut and those affected by the massive explosion that took place on August 4th. Lebanon is already in a state of instability and an event like this could further the chaos. Pray that the light of God would shine at this time and for comfort for the families affected.


Please pray for the families in India as the COVID-19 cases continue to rise, placing them as the 3rd highest number of cases in the world. Pray for our partners’ safety and health as they serve those people in most need. We thank our church partners so much for their heart to serve even in the midst of danger.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Please pray for all those who are providing essential services for the hungry during the pandemic.

Pray for the staff and volunteers of our member and partner organizations here in Canada, and around the world, who are working to safely prepare, transport and distribute emergency food assistance to those in need.

Colombia (Venezuelan Refugees)

Thank God that we are able to continue to deliver much needed food to hundreds of refugee families and children. Please pray that God would bless the hard work of our church partners in the area, that needs would be met and that Christ’s love would shine brightly in this difficult place. 

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