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Prayer is at the foundation of what we do. As a Christian organization, we believe that God guides where our organization should work, gives us wisdom in difficult situations, and strengthens us in times of trouble. We believe that God hears and answers our prayers.

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Prayer is vital to the work that we do. Please join us by praying as we follow Jesus where the need is greatest.
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This Month’s Prayer Points

Pray for Ethiopia – We praise God for what He has done in Ethiopia! The food delivery in Borena Ethiopia is at full swing and has already reached thousands of families. Please pray that this food distribution would go well and that it would reach families in greatest need.


The rains have also started to come in Ethiopia after several years! Truly a miraculous answer to prayer! Pray that the rainfall would be just the right amount that the pastoralists need. Pray that God’s protection and providence would embrace the the country of Ethiopia.



Pray for Kenya – We also thank God for the rains that have started to come in Kenya after a prolonged season of drought. Pray for all the farmers, that their crops would grow bountifully, and that they would have enough to feed their families.


Pray also for all the churches in Kenya, as they continue to help the poor in the community using the Church and Community Transformation trainings from our program.



Pray for Tanzania – Please for the farmers in Tanzania, as they seek to implement Conservation Agriculture strategies. Pray that their crops would grow healthy, and produce a bountiful harvest.



Pray for the DR Congo – Please pray for the DR Congo. Violence and war are still rampant due to rebel attacks. Pray for God’s peace to saturate the land. Pray for all the innocent families caught in the middle of conflict, that God’s protection and comfort would be upon them. Pray that the church would serve as a beacon of hope in this very trying time.



Pray for South Sudan – Pray for the women and children in South Sudan. Sexual and gender-based violence is a problem in the country and many women and children are suffering. Pray for the church, that they would promote a biblical understanding of marriage, and as they help combat this problem. Pray for renewal, and that people would come to know Jesus Christ.



Pray for India – Pray for the churches in India, as they work in a country that is increasingly hostile to Christians. Pray that God would give them the strength and protection as they continue to spread the Gospel despite the threat that they might face. Pray also for our local partner, EFICOR, as the implement new projects in helping the most vulnerable.



Pray for Ukraine – Please join us as we continue to pray for Ukraine. The country is experiencing mass blackouts, which pose a problem as the cold winter months are fast approaching. Pray for the families that are affected, that they would have heat and comfort, and that God would provide for all their needs.


What are you looking for today?