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How We Work

God’s people are the hub of change. That’s why we work through the local church, equipping members to lead their communities towards a future of opportunity and hope.

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Our Model

Church-Based Community Transformation

The church is the most effective vehicle for bringing opportunity and hope to the community. 

Church-based Community Transformation (CCT) is a unique model of development that works through the local church to restore the broken relationships at the root of poverty.

Theory of Poverty

Why does the cycle of poverty continue?

To tackle poverty, we must first understand what it is. Through the local church, we work to restore the broken relationships – with God, with one another, with creation, and even within ourselves – that are the root cause of poverty.

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The Process

1. Church

Churches understand their biblical mandate for holistic restoration. Their leaders and members start to look beyond their walls into their community.

2. Church and Community Mobilization

Churches work with their communities, acting as leaders in tackling the broken relationships at the root of poverty. People are equipped with tools and training – such as conservation agriculture or Village Savings Groups – to help them escape poverty for good, using their own two hands.

3. Community Transformation


Relationships are restored, people escape poverty, and the community is transformed. The church is mobilized and seen as a place of hope and healing, spreading the love of Christ in powerful ways.

Our Programs
Stronger churches



Empowered Individuals

families freed from poverty

Families freed from Poverty

Unleash the power
of the local church

For $2,000 you can help one church release people
from extreme poverty and transform its community.

What are you looking for today?