A Widowed Farmer Regains Her Dignity

With a small, unproductive plot of land, Batale struggled year after year to feed her family.

Batale became empowered, bringing her from hunger to hope

“This is our future,” says Batale Beyene, a 48-year-old, empowered farmer who today, has the tools she needs to feed her family.

Batale lives in the Zala Woreda region of Southern Ethiopia, where the majority of the population suffers from chronic hunger. Batale was one of them. She says, “I am poor. My small plot of land is not productive.”

Here, 97% of the population relies on rain-fed agriculture for their livelihood. With worsening environmental degradation, deforestation, and recurring drought, earning a living is a constant struggle. Using traditional farming methods, Batale recounts, “Year after year I was not able to feed my family.”

Together with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, your support has allowed us to partner with the local church to make a change in the lives of farmers like Batale. Although both men and women are able to own land, women statistically own much less. Batale, among others in her community, is a widow with children to feed. So, making the most of every square metre of land is crucial.

Batale started with a small section of her land, and began applying the techniques she had learned at church. Planting in a row, spacing, and mulching were methods she had never utilised before… At first, it was hard work, but then the crops started to grow!

When comparing the maize she planted, at the end of the harvest Batale not only had more, but she also had larger kernels at a higher quality. Her kids even liked the taste better!

Your support gives dignity to female farmers and mothers like Batale, who no longer have to rely on aid and handouts to survive, but can now thrive by their own two hands.

Because of you, Batale has hope, and dreams for the future. She is optimistic about her next crop season, and eventually, hopes to open a shop and flour mill. With the continued support of her local church and community, she can.

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