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Church Based Community Transformation

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Recovery

Working together with the local church, our prayer is that sexual violence in all its forms is stopped, and women will see themselves through the eyes of Christ


Restoring Dignity

God uses the Church to transform lives, and women lead change in developing communities. Often used as a weapon of war, rape and sexual violence is a common experience in the places we work.

  • In South Sudan, an estimated 70% of girls over 12 have been victims of sexual violence

Working with the local church, Tearfund is committed:

  • To stopping sexual violence
  • To addressing the hidden physical, spiritual, emotional, and social wounds these women face

Over the two years

female leaders have been trained as trauma healing facilitators
trauma healing groups have been formed
How it Works

Church and community leaders undergo 5 days of intensive awareness training on their roles and responsibilities in the trauma healing process, SGBV reporting, and other topics.

Female leaders are trained to become trauma healing facilitators. Leaders are often survivors themselves, and share the principles they learn with their peers and those in their care over a 6-month period. They learn topics such as mental health after-effects, basic psychological support, gender-based violence, and biblical responses to trauma, healing, forgiveness, and protection.
Facilitators and leaders receive continued mentorship and support on SGBV related issues. This includes refresher training, visits, and sessions to discuss progress, successes, challenges, and learnings.

Trained church leaders and trauma healing facilitators form trauma healing groups in churches. These groups will handle cases of sexual violence in their churches and communities, and provide emotional, physical, social, and spiritual support.

Churches act as the catalyst for change, reaching out into their communities on the topic of SGBV. Radio talk shows, forums, and meetings led by healing facilitators aim to support community change.
Other Areas of Focus

The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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