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Church-Based Community Transformation

Conservation Agriculture Training

Help farmers grow 2x-3x more food and escape poverty for good

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Solving the hunger problem

Hunger goes beyond the dinner table. Constantly worrying about where your child’s next meal will come from makes it impossible to plan for the future. A poor crop means no income and no savings, and escaping from poverty is a fantasy.

  • Almost 690 million people in the world are hungry and malnourished.
  • Nearly 98% of these people live in developing countries.
  • In the countries we serve, families survive on one meal (or less) 5-6 months of the year. 

This “hunger gap” perpetuates the cycle of poverty and leads to violence, stunted growth in children, and gender inequality.

We don’t believe that hunger is part of God’s Kingdom. Through conservation agriculture training you can help farmers grow more crops so that they can escape hunger, earn more income, and escape poverty for good.

Over the last year

individuals became more food secure
farmers were trained in conservation agriculture
increase in crop output
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How it Works

We work with local churches to train communities to use simple, environmentally friendly agriculture techniques, from the fundamentals of mulching to Smart Crop Rotation.

Mulching keeps available moisture in the soil, suppresses weeds, and improves soil fertility.

Farmers learn about “no-till” cultivation of soil, which retains water, decreases erosion, and reduces labour.
Through smart crop rotation and intercropping, the land retains its nutrients and protects against crop diseases and pests.

Within three years, farmers are able to increase their crop output by 2-3X and reduce the hunger gap.

Whole-life transformation

Together we’re stopping the cycle of poverty
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