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Your greatest & most rewarding challenge is here.

Are you musically gifted? Or maybe you know some people who are? Throw a small concert and invite everyone you know. You might be surprised at what the power of music can do for those in need!
This is your chance to help transform the lives of the most vulnerable. Check out the 4 Steps to Success for information on how you can throw your own concert, get your friends involved, and put action to your faith!

4 Steps to Success

Plan Your Concert

Which night will it be? Who will be performing? Will you require prepaid for entrance tickets or fundraise during the event?

Commit to your concert by clicking the sign up link.

Create Your Page

When you click the sign up link, you'll be redirected to Canada Helps. On this webpage you'll register and receive your own webpage where your friends and family can donate to you!

You will also get further instructions, resources and much more. Sign up now!

Prepare For Your Day

On Canada Helps there are social media packages we encourage you to use to spread the word!

Text everyone you know, share the message on facebook, and get your supporters ready for an amazing day.

Throw Your Concert

 After fundraising to the best of your ability, all that's left is for you to host an amazing concert.

Don't forget to tag us in all your photos so we can cheer you on!

Share with your friends!


Want help announcing your fundraiser? Want content that will help you achieve your fundraising goals? All the resources you’ll need to accomplish this and more will be available on your Canada Helps page for download.


Fundraising Q&A

Click the link to find the answer to all your questions! If you have more, please feel free to fill out the contact sheet below and we will be sure to get in contact with you shortly!

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What are you looking for today?