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Mbuvi Kimanza

Mr. Mbuvi Kimanza is a subsistence farmer, husband and a father of five children. He recounts his life with opening remarks, “life was not easy 3 years ago when I joined the Kyambusia group in 2016 and started saving”. So, with the little savings and small loans he took in the 1st cycle they went to meet his family needs more specifically his children’s school fees and purchased food for the household. 

Despite these challenges he had a good dream and plan on farming which he desired to accomplish. Then came the 1st share out where his plan took a start with the purchase of a small generator and water pipes to start an irrigation farming project on a small plot in his farm where he had dug a shallow well at the riverbank. His main crops are vegetables and some food crops. After successful harvest and high local demand for vegetables he managed to make good returns which he attests “this project has changed our life completely”. Now he has enough food for his family and also sells the surplus and uses the income to cater for other family needs and as well save in the group.

Furthermore, over the subsequent years, he managed to initiate income generating activity (IGA) water selling and supply business from the proceeds of his agribusiness venture and with support of group loans. His customer base being the local households and market centre. Still he has managed to invest locally by purchasing a plot of land in the nearby market. 

His wife Mary the group box keeper as well joined the group as the group meetings are usually held at their homestead every Thursday and has been saving. Through the small loans she also managed to start a small-scale poultry keeping IGA. This has enabled her to improve the family nutrition and earn extra income from the sale of eggs and chickens hence increasing their household income and assets. Creation of self-employment for themselves has also been fruitful.

Future plan; Mr Mbuzi aspires to expand to commercial farming of fruits and vegetables i.e. mangoes, watermelon and onions. He also hopes to extend water pipes to the nearby market and put up a water selling point and eventually develop the plot of land he bought last year.

He is grateful for the opportunity accorded his village through Fadhili and its partners.

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