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“Clink… Clink… Clink, Clink, Clink…” goes the sound of rain on Mariam’s tin roof. The rains have come after 8 months of waiting.

“Our crops were attacked by pests and diseases. There was no rain and food was reducing. I usually would harvest a lot then store, but without rain we couldn’t replenish the food we used. I was very worried for my children…I couldn’t sleep.”

But thanks to donors like you, Mariam was provided a life-line. Through our local church partner, Mariam learned how to grow food that would survive in arid conditions. Through conservation agriculture techniques such as no-till planting, intercropping, and mulching, she was able to grow 3X more food than before. Moreover, thanks to PICS bags, she was able to preserve much more food than before–and for longer! This allowed her family to get through the drought much better than her neighbours.

“Thanks to Tearfund I am learning a lot. Thanks to the training my income is increasing and I have bought iron sheets for our house! In the future, I hope to grow further.”

What are you looking for today?