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Life-Changing Food Vouchers

Food vouchers saved Alok’s family

Alok Bak Deng is a mother in her forties living with her family in the Warawar market area.

Alok has five living children. The youngest child has mental disabilities, needing constant care, and Alok’s husband is a blind man in his sixties. Alok has no money to send her children to school, so she sells firewood at the market to try and make ends meet. The children collect water in a leaky jerry can, but there is never enough for their drinking or hygiene needs.

The drought of 2017 caused the land to produce next to no food, and the family can’t afford to own livestock. The only way that they can eat is if Alok sells her allotment of firewood each day. 

As Alok was amongst the most needy and vulnerable, Tearfund South Sudan selected her family to receive food vouchers. Alok expressed her gratitude for the help in getting through the hunger season, and the food vouchers helped change her life and the lives of her family.

South Sudan
The food vouchers helped change Alok's life and the lives of her family.

You can impact a family’s life by bringing an end to poverty

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What are you looking for today?