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Earthquake Response Update

Ten days after the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake, according to the UN, more than 40,000 lives have been lost, and more could be found.

Tearfund Canada has chosen to respond in NW Syria – an area devastated by 12 years of war, devastation, and displacement. This is the area of greatest need.


As of 15 February 2023, in Syria, over 6,500 people have been killed. In addition, millions have lost their homes and are displaced, relying on humanitarian assistance for support. The electricity system and water supply in the region were destroyed by the earthquake. Increasing the suffering – the temperature most days is below freezing.


Tearfund Canada and its partner in Syria – ADRA Syria, continues to respond to this crisis in the most affected areas – Aleppo, Latakia, and Hama. Where Tearfund UK has staff in the Damascus region, ADRA has worked in this area for many years and knows the community well. ADRA is another CFGB member, and our CEOs and Program Directors collaborate regularly. One of our staff used to work with ADRA Syria.

Dozens of buildings have completely collapsed, trapping hundreds of people. They fight for their lives while their families watch in horror. Your donations today will help rush emergency aid and save lives.

Your Impact

  • 12,055 people have been assisted with food, hygiene, and water.
  • Three shelters serving 1,300 of the most vulnerable have been set up in the communities. Families have been sheltered since the day of the earthquake.
  • In Latakia, 9,285 individuals have received ready-made meals;
  • Water tanks and boreholes have been repaired, providing water to over 3,000 individuals, and all families are given hygiene kits.
  • In Aleppo, which was the most affected by the earthquake, food parcels were distributed to 3,880 beneficiaries;
  • the team on the ground is conducting needs assessments for the rehabilitation of a water system to serve 12,000 people to ensure that the buildings obtain constant water flow.
  • In Hama, where the temperatures have dropped below 10 degrees Celsius, ADRA began distributing blankets, ensuring protection and warmth for families.

Future Plans

  • A large-scale food assistance program in conjunction with CFGB
  • Psychosocial support to beneficiaries living in the collective shelters – As the well-being and mental health of the families, especially children, have been affected greatly, our partner is assessing the possibility of counselling services for children and families.

Help rush emergency food and water to families in need!

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