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Türkiye-Syrian Earthquake Emergency Response

Help rush emergency food and water to families in need!

One moment can change everything.


On Feb 6, two massive earthquakes devasted areas in Southern Türkiye and Northern Syria. Within a matter of minutes entire city blocks were obliterated. Vital infrastructure has been destroyed: roads, schools, hospitals, electrical grids, and water and sewage systems.


Hundreds of people are trapped within the rubble, slowly being crushed under the weight of the concrete. Fighting for their lives. Their loved ones wait with overwhelming anxiety. Their homes destroyed they pray for a miracle.


Will you help them today?


In this hard-to-reach part of Syria you can help save lives. Through our church partners we are already responding—providing emergency food, water, and other essentials to families in need.


There is no time to waste. 


Winter weather conditions are already complicating the response efforts and making the situation of those trapped in the rubble critical. Forecasts predict snow and rain and low temperature coming within days.

Dozens of buildings have completely collapsed, trapping hundreds of people. They fight for their lives while their families watch in horror. Your donations today will help rush emergency aid and save lives.

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Your gift today will help us provide emergency food, water, and other essentials to vulnerable families in Syria and will shine the love of Christ. 

Please give now.