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Your greatest & most rewarding challenge is here.

Not all fundraisers have to be done by extroverts. Sell a dresser, couch, old gaming system or a couple of CDs that you’ve been meaning to sell for a while. Instead of pocketing the cash, donate the money so that the local church and their communities can be empowered and equipped to bring healing to the hunger crisis.


Check out the 4 Steps to Success for information on how you can sell something you own to make a big difference.

4 Steps to Success

Plan Your Sale

What will you sell? When is your goal sale date? Are you going to ask friends and family to donate too?

Commit to your sale and donation by clicking the sign up link. 

Create Your Page

For this fundraiser, this step is optional. You can go onto Canada Helps, create your own fundraising page and have your friends and family donate to the sale of your dresser, but you can also just click donate and give the money for the item you sold!

Prepare For Your Sale

If you do end up creating a larger fundraiser, on Canada Helps there are social media packages we encourage you to use to spread the word!

Text everyone you know, share the message, and get your supporters ready for an amazing day.

Sell Your Item

All that's left is for you is to sell your item!

Don't forget to tag us in your photos so we can cheer you on!

Share with your friends!


Want help announcing your fundraiser? Want content that will help you achieve your fundraising goals? All the resources you’ll need to accomplish this and more will be available on your Canada Helps page for download.


Fundraising Q&A

Click the link to find the answer to all your questions! If you have more, please feel free to fill out the contact sheet below and we will be sure to get in contact with you shortly!

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What are you looking for today?