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Can I Donate Things Instead of Money?

Tearfund Canada is committed to supporting local efforts as much as possible.

In all of our development projects, our priority is training. Therefore, one of the greatest needs that we have is to pay for training.
We do not accept donations other than money, as we procure all of our food and other supplies in-country for relief efforts. Your gift goes directly to help affected individuals purchase and grow food locally, further encouraging sustainable development. Occasionally, food is sent between countries; for example, in South Sudan, food supplies are coming from Uganda, Kenya, and Sudan to meet the need.


Our goal is to procure within the country to serve the country.


With our development programs, our key emphasis is to build local capacity and train thousands of nationals, which requires little physical goods. While other organizations do accept gifts, we have found the transportation of goods to be problematic.
As a result, we have not taken goods from Canada for over 30 years.

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What are you looking for today?