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Make an eternal impact. Donate now.

Impact an entire family’s life with a gift as little as $50 a month

Donate Now

You can make an eternal impact in the life of an entire family.

Join a generous group of monthly donors who are impacting lives by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the families living in extreme poverty.


of every dollar goes to programs and community engagement


It’s not okay that more than 800 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat.

It’s not okay that every year, more than six million children (the equivalent to 3 times the population of Toronto) die from malnutrition before their fifth birthday.


And yet ...

Most solutions to ending poverty are focused on physical hunger and seldom the spiritual need; that’s not okay. And it’s not okay for us, who have been given much by God, to stand on the sidelines and turn our backs on our neighbours who are in need.

Will you partner with us?

You can make an impact by eradicating poverty so that every member of a family has an opportunity to live a meaningful life marked by human dignity.

What are you looking for today?