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Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC Overview


For decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) suffered from deadly ethnic conflicts and civil war. Although the country is slowly recovering, there are still pockets of insecurity, particularly in North Kivu, where Tearfund is working. To make matters worse, crop diseases and soil erosion have decimated consumption and cash crops. More than 75% of the population is surviving on one meal a day.

Now, COVID-19 has come into the area, further cutting off supply routes and inhibiting economic activity.

Quick Facts

highest poverty rate in the world
0 nd
of families in Malyo live on one meal per day
0 %
of children are malnourished
0 %
more savings group participants than our goal
0 %

Our Projects

Through Tearfund and our local church partner, the Baptist Church of Central Africa, you will help farmers overcome their hunger challenges with the introduction of new crops and agricultural techniques. You will also aid in the creation of savings groups and market linkages, providing families with the ability to grow their businesses and their revenue. Lastly, you will help villages overcome the challenges associated with COVID-19, including helping to spur on economic activity through the creation of new markets, co-ops, and financial tools.

Project 1

Bashu Integrated Food Security


In many villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo, farmers survive by their harvest. Over 50% of Kimbulu’s population suffers from extreme food insecurity, and 68% of children under the age of five are chronically malnourished as poor agricultural practices persist. Women frequently do not have access to decision-making, and sexual violence is common.


The malnutrition in the children of the region is severe, and gender-based violence is common. While farmers subsist on their agricultural proceeds, the practices they’ve established over the years have not been enough to combat soil erosion and climate changes.


Local church leaders will help train farmers in conservation agriculture techniques such as soil erosion control and fertility restoration. This will increase family’s incomes, food consumption, and cohesion of the community.

Project Details

  • Location: Kimbulu/Lubero and Bashu/Beni
  • Timeframe: April 2022 – February 2025
  • Total Budget: $947,562 USD


2,240 vulnerable people trapped in poverty will become food secure as the breadwinners in their families are trained in conservation agriculture techniques. As their crops flourish, farmers will share their knowledge with their neighbors, thereby multiplying the impact and decreasing poverty in the entire community.

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