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Hunger Crisis in East Africa

Millions are staring at the face of starvation. Please help today.

Drought-ravaged families in East Africa are facing a tsunami of catastrophe.

  • The war in Ukraine has stopped the delivery of grain from Europe which accounts for about 90% of the wheat export to East Africa.
  • 3 years of extreme drought has devastated families. Cattle, goats, and sheep lie rotting in the fields where they died from thirst and hunger. 80% of groundwater is now parched dusty dirt. 40% of the boreholes are dried.
  • COVID-19 has disrupted supply chains and food costs are highly inflated.

We have contacted our partners to ask what they need. They didn’t hesitate. They need emergency food as soon as possible.

We ask you to help us provide food for more than 66,000 people in South Sudan and Ethiopia, some of the hardest-hit regions. Your gift of $375 provides food packages for 10 people. Each package includes beans, wheat, soy-based nutrition mix, and edible oil. The food is chosen intentionally for high-fat content to provide life-saving nutrition.

We are already there, working with local churches to provide emergency food in South Sudan and Tigray, Ethiopia. But it is critical to increase our output. Unless people receive emergency food they will starve. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable. We are seeing large numbers of families arrive at feeding centres. They are extremely malnourished. The church will be on the front lines as they assist in not only food distribution but mental support, counseling, and pastoral care to those suffering from the situation.

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