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The Transformative Leader

Despite her lack of formal education, Janet John initiated, trained, and now oversees 15 savings groups!

A grade seven graduate with no formal leadership training and four children at home is not who you would expect to change her community.

Janet John is one of those people who needs no introduction.  Her reputation precedes her, even across the world. She is respected and loved by those in her community, and for good reason. 

Our local partner in Tanzania first met Janet when she was looking for a way to save money for her family’s future. She joined a Village Savings and Loan group (VSL) and later continued training in conservation agriculture. 

With a higher level of education than most people in her community, she was memorable for having great leadership potential. Besides education, Janet has vision,” our local partner explained. “She is very future oriented and makes decisions with that mindset.

Apparently it did not take long for Janet to become an active agent on the VSL program team! Her abilities and desire for people to live their God-given potential pushed her to expand. Janet has started 15 VSL groups, in which she personally trained and oversees, says our local partner. 


Janet John standing in her store with shelves of cans and pop behind her

A busy mother of 4, and grade seven graduate with no formal leadership training started 15 VSL groups? Our local partner laughs and confirms this accomplishment, much to our team’s astonishment.

Despite all of her success with training VSL groups, and with conservation agriculture Janet is most proud of being able to afford to send her daughter to college. She is using her accomplishments to give her daughter a step ahead in life. 

If you ask her what her next goal is she will tell you, “I want to own a big store to supply for my community. But first, I want to form enough saving groups that everyone in the village can prosper.”

You can support women like Janet and give families a future without hunger and extreme poverty.

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