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Rebuilding from the Rubble

Because of you, families have hope after a deadly earthquake

Buildings collapsed, homes destroyed, families broken, and lives forever changed.

Darimi and his wife Suryani fled their home in Palu three days after the earthquake struck. They were lucky to escape with their lives as their home was left in ruins. With nowhere else to go, they travelled to stay with Darimi’s parents in the village of Sidrap.

In 2018 the deadly earthquake in Sulawesi, Indonesia devastated the country, leaving 4,340 dead and 10,679 injured. 206,524 people had been made refugees, thousands of which are still without permanent homes today.

The after-effects of an earthquake, with pieces of tin, smoke, and a many collapsed buildings

Thanks to Tearfund and our local partners, Darimi and Suryani were able to qualify for emergency financial assistance. Using their money carefully, the couple decided to start a motorbike repair business out of a small, handmade shelter.

The business is now doing so well that the couple has decided to stay in town! They are excited to keep growing their business so that they can buy a new home and lay down new roots in the village of Sidrap.

Sukinem, in the nearby village of Sigi, is also rebuilding her life after the earthquake levelled her home. She and her husband were vegetable farmers but their land was destroyed by flooding and mudslides following the earthquake. 

With their entire livelihood destroyed, Sukinem didn’t know how she would feed her children or afford to send them to school.

Using the small financial aid package she received from Tearfund and our local partner, Sukinem took a risk and decided to start importing vegetables from the local city to her village as a small business. The risk paid off, and her business is now allowing her to afford to feed her family and keep her children in school.

Supporters like you are helping families throughout the world recover from terrible disasters like the earthquake in Sulawesi.

You are bringing immediate relief to those who need it most. When earthquakes strike, it is always the poor who suffer most. But because of you, families are using their gifts and God-given abilities to lift themselves from the rubble. You are empowering families to find creative solutions to their problems, and find new ways to thrive.

You can help families who are suffering from disasters and living in extreme poverty

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