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Planting Hope and Sharing the Gospel

The Good News is growing in Sierra Leone because of women like Aminata

In 2014, the Ebola virus ravaged communities in Sierra Leone. By 2016, four thousand people had died.

Aminata and her six children were among the few who survived in the village of Port Loko. Lamina, Aminata’s husband, died from the virus in 2015.

When Aminata heard about six children in their village who lost their parents to the virus, she was determined to help. Aminata decided to welcome the six orphaned children into their home.

But with a total of 12 mouths to feed, Aminata was worried. How was she going to provide for so many when they had so little? It was while attending church one day that everything began to change. 

Aminata shows off her sprouting onion and okra crops.

Planting Hope

Thanks to our supporters, Aminata was able to register for farming training that would help her provide more than enough for her family.

The training, offered through our local church partner, allowed Aminata to learn about new, innovative ways to farm. She learned how to make natural fertilizers and how to grow nutritious vegetables like cassava. She was able to grow enough food for all twelve children and even had extra to sell at the market. The family now has enough to send all the children to school.

After learning new farming methods, Aminata's cassava crops are growing like weeds!

Sharing the Gospel

As part of the program, Aminata also studied the Bible at the local church. She learned about the teachings of Jesus and God’s love for her. She learned how to put her faith into action by caring for God’s creation and loving her neighbours.

Aminata and her family are now sharing what they’ve learned with their neighbours. They are demonstrating God’s love through their farming and family life. Because of our supporters, this family of 13 is no longer worried about going hungry. Aminata is lifting herself out of poverty and sharing the Gospel thanks to our generous supporters.

You can impact a family’s life by bringing an end to poverty

The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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