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Life In The Desert

There is dust everywhere and the land is dry. But surprisingly, there are plants around Mghalhelezi parish.

“By God’s grace I have been here for 3 years now,” Reverend Mathayo Mika says.

Last year your gifts played a crucial role helping churches in central Tanzania meet the physical and spiritual needs beyond their walls. Because of the arid landscape, families struggle to have enough to eat. The dry season lasts for eight months, but the food only lasts six. In the midst of this, the local church is providing hope.

Reverend Mathayo Mika poses for a photograph in Dodoma, Tanzania, on 16 January 2022.
Tearfund Canada, through its Church-based Community Transformation, provides training in conservation agriculture and savings groups to farmers and their families.

‘We began with 3 people in the church who were trained in conservation agriculture. But now there are many more. The church is continuing to mobilize the community and more people have been joining in.’ 

With your help, churches like Reverend Mathayo’s have established example farms to model the benefits of conservation agriculture to local villagers. Specifically designed for dry climates, the training pays off, helping farmers grow 2-3X more food for their families. In doing so, the church starts taking a leadership role in the community, meeting not only physical needs, but showing the love of Christ as well. 

“Some people we serve struggle to keep the faith.” But because of the church, people are realizing that it isn’t just about saying the right things, but living a life transformed.

You can help transform the lives of families who are living in extreme poverty

What are you looking for today?