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God's Restorative Work

You are a part of God’s restorative work in Kajo Keji

We all need a little push sometimes. Something to get us moving in the right direction, and then we take over from there.

Thanks to your support, Kajo Keji farmers are moving forward and working hard to sustain their livelihoods, following a small nudge from our local partners.

Without donors like you, programs like the Humanitarian, Early Recovery and Development project (HERD) would not be possible. 

This multi-year project aims at reducing hunger, improving nutrition, and promoting resilient food security in South Sudan as well as increasing access to markets and cash for vulnerable households. Many of the people your support has helped, have fled violence and destruction in Kajo Keji, and are only beginning to return home now. 

These are stories of the hardworking, resilient people of Kajo Keji, South Sudan.

Before receiving life-saving food assistance, Peter was too hungry to work. He recently returned home to South Sudan after years in a refugee camp in Uganda, but the area was void of food and opportunities. Following the program, he reports, “I was very happy the food was enough to push me until we harvested our own beans and maize. When we harvested, life became good.” 

Your donations have helped mothers like Joselin provide for their families. After participating in agriculture and basic financial training, Joselin feels empowered, saying, “We have now learned modern farming techniques like row planting and crop spacing. I have access to loans, so I bought poultry and livestock. I can pay for school, buy food for my children and I have also constructed a new hut for my family.” Your support through this project has turned her whole life around. 

Nancy, the primary breadwinner for her family, was another driven to neighbouring Uganda during the years of conflict in South Sudan. She wasn’t sure she would be able to feed her children upon her return to Kajo Keji, and life was hard. Your faithful support helped Nancy and her family survive when they received food assistance, but it has also helped her thrive as she gained the skills and knowledge she needed. 

“We had training on gender-based violence, financial literacy, agriculture, and mindset change. I am from a female-headed household and my family entirely depends on me. My family can now eat three times a day and I am self-reliant because l have grown enough food this year,” Nancy declares proudly.

Eager to return home, when Grace heard that Kajo Keji was peaceful, she immediately packed her belongings. But when she returned, like so many other returnees, she struggled. “Food was very difficult to get and my family and I would collect wild vegetables and sometimes beg from neighbours.” 

Your support has given Grace her dignity back. 

“I was selected to form a farmers’ group in my neighbourhood. The project supported us with vegetable seeds, I planted them and I began to eat nutritious vegetables,” explains Grace. She continued, thanking Tearfund for the push in the right direction, “Tearfund has empowered me to be self-reliant, so when they leave, I can stand on my own.”

It is because of donors like you that this program is changing lives. You are a part of God’s restorative work in Kajo Keji.

You can support people like Peter and give families a future without hunger and extreme poverty.

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