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Expanding the great work

Growing conservation agriculture in Kenya

Jackline can barely hold back her excitement.

For years she has struggled to feed her growing children, often skipping meals so that they would have a little more to eat. This is only one of the many sacrifices Kenyan mothers like her have to make.

But thanks to donors like you, this season is different from the others. As Jackline walks through her small one-acre field, she is excited to show us her crops which have already experienced tremendous growth despite the lack of rainfall this year.

The secret to her success was the new conservation agriculture training she received from Fadhili, one of our local church partners. Unlike the farming methods the government teaches which results in soil erosion and poor yields, conservation agriculture focuses on enriching the soil with nutrients and preventing water loss through proper mulching and extensive groundcover.

Your donations enabled Fadhili to expand its training from Village Savings Groups to include conservation agriculture as well. By combining the two, people like Jackline can earn more income through farming while exponentially growing their wealth through the groups. 

The results are so remarkable that we have seen people in Ethiopia climb out of poverty in just a few years. Now parents are not only able to feed their children, but also send them to school – even college!

But feeding bellies is not the only outcome of the training. Run with local churches, a prayer time is held before and after each training session. People learn that they are valued by God and that He has given them gifts and abilities to use.

Thanks to your donations, Jackline now has a hope for the future.

You can impact a family’s life by bringing an end to poverty

What are you looking for today?