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Eliainy the Pharmacist

A Story of Hope in the Midst of Crisis

Last December, hundreds of Christians across Canada gave generously to help local churches in Colombia run a feeding program for Venezuelan refugee children.

Children would visit the churches to receive a hearty lunch, play games, and be cared for by loving volunteers. Since the spread of COVID-19, we have had to modify the program to instead deliver the food to the homes where these children and their families live. One of these families is Eliainy, her husband and two children – one of which has Epilepsy. In Venezuela they had a successful life; Eliainy worked in a pharmacy. But since the crisis they have lost everything. With no medicine for their child, they decided to take the long journey to Colombia and settle as refugees next to a garbage dump in Barranquilla.

Their hopes for refuge were destroyed when Eliainy and her husband couldn’t work without proper documentation. With nothing and nowhere to go, they were in disbelief as to what their life had become.


It was just then when Pastor Gabriella noticed the young family and invited them to be part of the Oasis Food Program. Since then, Eliainy’s children have been getting daily food, and have been gaining some weight.

But Pastor Gabriella says that the program goes far beyond food. “While providing meals to children to decrease malnutrition is important, the most influential impact of our work is that through our church, God restores a feeling of hope to the refugees. Only Jesus can satisfy the emotional and spiritual needs of His people, and we have the duty to point each Venezuelan refugee towards Him.” Your donations have created the possibility of feeding children who desperately need food and nutrition, like Eliainy’s children; but they have also enabled men and women to find emotional support through the church and spiritual healing through Jesus Christ.

You can impact a family’s life by bringing an end to poverty