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Breaking Away from Handouts

Farmers Training Farmers 

Like many farmers in East Africa, Mesele Madebo struggled to grow enough to feed his family.

But after he adopted farming practices he learned from one of our local church partners, his life was transformed. He was so excited that he wanted to tell all his neighbours! So he volunteered to be a “local animator.”

Animators are a group of local farmers who train other farmers in
conservation agriculture. As a local animator, Mesele has taught over 122 other farmers in his community how to grow more food as well. His success lies with partnering with local churches, who often allow Mesele to set up a small model
farm plot on their property. “I teach in local churches after the Sunday worship
program,” says Mesele. “Now when people come to church, not only do their
spiritual bellies get full, their physical bellies do too.”

Mesele in an example field, showing off how to grow healthy crops
Mesele teaching a group of farmers in conservation agriculture
Esaya (centre) saw that his neighbour's crops were thriving. He found out it was conservation agriculture and started to copy him. Now his family rejoices at their healthy yield!

The impact goes beyond the official training. Many farmers, after seeing the change in their neighbour’s crops, become curious and ask them how it happened. That is exactly what happened in Esaya Kenfero’s case. He saw
that his neighbour’s crops were thriving while his were dying and asked his neighbour why. His neighbour told him about conservation agriculture and
he decided to try it out for himself. Esaya is what we call a “spontaneous adopter.” Now his crops are thriving too.

We believe that all people have been equipped with God-given abilities.
When unlocked, there is no end to the transformation possible.

You can impact a family’s life by bringing an end to poverty