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"Behold, I am doing a new thing!"

You gave Kambale’s family hope and a way out of extreme poverty for good

Kambale Kasale used to go to bed every night wondering where his family’s next meal was going to come from.

He had promised all nine of his children that he would send them to school this year, but as a farmer with another failed harvest, Kambale didn’t know how he could afford it.

With the passing of each day, Kambale knew something needed to change. But who could he turn to for help?

Kamabale is from the Maylo region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where 75% of the population lives on one meal a day. The DRC itself is the second poorest country in the world, where much of the population lives in extreme poverty. Years of bloody civil war and political instability have left people like Kamabale with little hope for the future.

But one day, a simple Sunday church service announcement sparked a flicker of hope for Kambale and his family.

The family was attending church in their village of Matale when the pastor introduced to them staff members from the Baptist Community in Central Africa (CBCA), Tearfund’s local partner. They were offering workshops on innovative farming techniques and new crops (like Irish potatoes) that could double crop yields despite recent crop diseases and rampant insect infestations. They were also introducing opportunities for the church to start savings and loans groups to grow small family businesses. 

Kambale signed up for the workshops even though he had some hesitations. Years of living in extreme poverty and receiving handouts had left him feeling like he had no control over his situation, but because his church trusted and endorsed the program, he signed up. 

A man holding a stick of bamboo by his banana trees to remove flowers in order to prevent disease.

Hesitation soon turned into hope as Kambale learned new, exciting ways to provide for his family. The Spirit of the Lord was about to do ‘a new thing’ for this man and his family.

Kambale learned how to cultivate and grow crops like tomatoes and bananas that could survive droughts and pests, even in his nutrient-depleted soil. He learned new growing methods that made use of natural pesticides and fertilizers like manure. After a year of using these innovative farming methods, Kambale began to see his crop yields double! No longer would he have to rely on expensive store-bought fertilizers with harmful toxic chemicals.

With more than enough food to feed his family, Kambale sold his leftover crops at local markets. Now with money in his pocket, Kambale and his wife could join a savings and loans group at his church, meaning he could borrow money at a fair price to invest in growing his farm. He could now live up to his promise of sending all nine children to school!

Once facing chronic hunger and extreme poverty, Kambale is now a joyous advocate for change in the village of Matale. When visiting with his neighbours he tells them about the amazing results of the workshops he attended. He speaks with his head held high, smiling as he tells them he is a changed man because of his church.

Because of you, Kambale and his family have lifted themselves from extreme poverty. Your support has given local churches in villages like Matale an opportunity to minister to the pressing material and spiritual needs of the people. You’ve helped Kambale send his children off to primary school, where they are learning how to overcome challenges facing their community and dreaming of a future without hunger and poverty. Because of you, the village of Matale is ‘doing a new thing.’

You can support people like Kambale and give families a future without hunger and extreme poverty.

What are you looking for today?

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