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A Garden Of Opportunity

A story of God’s grace and provision

After losing her husband, Muviri was forced to be the sole provider for her large family of nine.

She lacked a sufficient income to support herself, let alone her large family, and was trapped in a bitter state of poverty. 

Looking to fight hunger by increasing her income, Muviri began attending her local church’s agriculture training and Village Savings and Loans group. She was determined to provide for her family in spite of the hardships she faced in her remote village in the DR Congo.

There she learned about God and how to dramatically improve her crop yields. It changed her life.

Full of excitement, Muviri was eager to grow cauliflower and cabbage to eat and sell, but was quickly disappointed to discover that she could not afford seeds. She was encouraged to take advantage of the VSL group to save and invest her money. Without the group, she said she wouldn’t “have been able to buy seeds for planting season.”

Training in conservation agriculture and Village Savings and Loans brought restoration into her life. Before she was barely surviving, now she is thriving.

She shared her cauliflower harvest with us “to testify that it is possible to produce vegetables even during the dry season.” Even in the midst of drought, her conservation agriculture training has enabled her to grow a rewarding yield that has fed her family and provided a source of income.

You can impact a family’s life by bringing an end to poverty

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