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What method of payment maximizes my donation?

We understand that there are many ways to donate and we thank you for whatever way you choose. That being said, we often get asked which method of payment maximizes the impact someone can have.

To narrow down the question, we will only be talking about types of cash donations here – including cash, cheque, debit, or credit card. Other methods of donating, such as stocks, bonds, or estates, are more complex and are covered elsewhere. 

Maximizing your impact

Out of the four methods above, the method that maximizes your impact is direct debit because it has the lowest fees and processing administration.

You can donate using direct debit as a one-time donation or set-it up as a monthly gift. When donating monthly, direct debit is preferred because it does not expire and therefore eliminates the work involved when we need to update your credit information.

Forms of credit such as visa, mastercard, and amex are the next best option. These also have low fees and administrative costs but do require updating once they expire. 

Cash and cheque are both valid options but must be manually processed and therefore incur higher administrative costs.

Your gift makes an incredible difference

At the end of the day all methods of payment are valid and impactful. We are so grateful for your ongoing generosity and look forward to walking with you in following Jesus where the need is greatest.


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What are you looking for today?