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Your Questions!

Is Tearfund Canada part of
a bigger, global organization?

For over 50 years, Tearfund has worked with the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world by unlocking the innate potential in poor communities. We believe that it’s the people (especially the young) in these communities, who hold the key to a future in which they thrive. This approach focuses on changing hearts and minds in order to end poverty, rather than just pausing it or giving hand outs.

Many understand poverty as just a material need. At Tearfund, we view poverty through a relational lens. We see it as the result of a social and structural legacy of broken relationships such as a distorted understanding of self, unjust relationships between people and exploitative relationships with the environment. We also see it as a result of broken relationships between God, his creation and his people.

Those ‘other Tearfunds’

By now, you may have noticed that we aren’t the only ‘Tearfund’ in the world. 

Maybe you’ve seen us share about Tearfund USA or Tearfund UK on our social media channels, or maybe you’ve searched ‘Tearfund’ online and landed on Tearfund Australia or Tearfund Germany’s websites.

The story of Tearfund as an organization stretches back over 50 years ago to humble beginnings in the United Kingdom. Today, there are 11 Tearfund offices across the world from Canada to New Zealand to France. 

But how do we all work together? Is Tearfund UK the global leader? Who exactly is in charge here?

Head office

Unlike other relief and development organizations, there is no overarching governing body or head office in the global Tearfund family. Tearfund UK was the first office established over 50 years ago. That being said, all the global Tearfund offices operate independently. We’re each on a level playing field and share similar branding, logos and imagery. We share some campaign resources and stories from the field, but adjust them for our cultural context and our Canadian audience.

Common values

The Tearfund family holds a common set of values and ways of working as we seek to rid the world of poverty and injustice.

Together, the global Tearfund family is committed to:

  • A shared Christian identity grounded in the evangelical movement that places importance on biblical justice, the restorative role of the church in society and an active faith in Jesus Christ. Tearfund offices manifest this through their approach to relief and development.
  • Partnership, working with each other and through local Christian partners (where possible), both in fundraising and advocacy, and in relief and development contexts.
  • Pursuing excellence and accountability in all our undertakings.
  • Valuing each member’s diverse strengths while committing to acting with consideration for the interest of the combined Tearfund family.
Tearfund Canada CEO Wayne Johnson (second from the right) with the leaders of the global Tearfund family.

The solution to poverty is more than physical, it’s spiritual. Instead of handouts, you will be partnering with local churches to permanently lift families out of poverty. Will you join us?


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