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Since you have a heart for seeing the world changed, we thought you’d be interested in hearing how you can make a tangible difference right now – immediately!

Here’s the situation…

Right now in South Ethiopia families are suffering from an unprecedented 3-year drought. Millions of livestock have already died and people are next. Already, we see mothers and children walking hundreds of kilometers just to find someone who can help. 

If we don’t act, people will starve. 

Thankfully, we have just started an emergency food distribution that will help 13,000 people for the next 6 months. And you can help. 

Your gift of only $28 can provide urgently needed emergency food for a family for 1 month.

Families will receive the grain, beans, and cooking oil they need to survive. Mothers and infants will receive a special formula called Famix that will give them the added nutrients for healthy development. 
Don’t delay. Please give today.

What are you looking for today?