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Hunger Crisis Appeal

Mothers and Children need your help.

Countless families around the world are struggline to survive.

War, drought, and rapid inflation have pushed an additional 71 million people into extreme poverty. While many of us are feeling the pressure of rising costs, for the most vulnerable, it can be a matter of life and death.

This Lenten season, you can help feed mothers and children suffering from hunger.

Meet Kabuo

Kabuo Nzanzu lives in the village of Maabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, and is a mother to six beautiful children. A few years ago, her husband abandoned her, leaving her to care for them all by herself.

Providing for her family is difficult. As a farmer, she used to be able to grow plenty of potatoes and vegetables to feed herself and her children. But recently, crop diseases and failing rains has decimated the crops. She worries for her children. How will they be fed—let alone go to school? What will their future be?

You can make an eternal difference today.

Through Tearfund’s holistic, church-based programming, you can help farmers like Kabuo break the cycle of hunger for her children long-term.  

Each dollar you donate will:

  • provide emergency food to mothers and children suffering from hunger and malnutrition
  • help provide farmers with training in new farming methods to grow 2X-3X more food  
  • set-up new saving groups for families to save, take out loans, and grow their income
  • empower the local church to reach out to its local community and meet the immense physical and spiritual needs around it

This Lenten season, please give.
Your gift will provide a family a future of hope and opportunity.