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Stop Extreme Hunger in South Sudan

Giving Tuesday 2020

TODAY, your donation is leveraged 4X!

Families in South Sudan need your help!

Over 6 million people in South Sudan are in critical need of food. Your gifts will meet urgent food needs today and provide training for the long-term. To date, 34,944 people have already received life-saving aid. We need your help to reach 8,050 more.  


“Every day is the same routine: wake up, go to market, beg, go home, scavenge for food to eat, sleep.” - Priscilla


Unable to walk since birth, Priscilla felt completely hopeless when trying to provide for her family. 

Her husband managed their farm to provide the little they had for their family. But when he passed away, no one was left to tend the farm. 

To survive, Priscilla and her daughter went to the marketplace everyday to beg. But many nights they went home empty-handed – forced to scavenge wild bushes for any sort of food. 

Priscilla knew that her family could not thrive living in this cycle of poverty. 


Priscilla's daughter helps her move around her village in South Sudan

Just when all seemed lost, Priscilla was found by one of Tearfund’s local church partners and enrolled in a food assistance program. Thanks to donors like you, she and her children received the food she desperately needed. For the first time in months, her children are gaining weight! Priscilla finally has hope. 

You can help stop South Sudan's hunger epidemic

Priscilla is one of an estimated 6 million people living in South Sudan critically in need of food. And over the next year these numbers are expected to increase

Flooding along with COVID-19 has led to skyrocketing food prices in South Sudan. The most vulnerable are the hardest hit. To survive, families are beginning to skip meals, beg, and scavenge for food.

For years, the majority of aid going to South Sudan has been emergency food assistance. But emergency aid only goes so far. We have introduced a new two-pronged approach designed to not only meet emergency food needs, but place families on a path to self-sustainability.

Your donation today will provide: 

  1. Emergency Food Packages: Your donation today will provide families with sorghum, beans, cooking oil, and salt to provide them with the calories they need during this time.

  2. Seeds, Farm Tools, and Training: Families will receive vegetable seeds, farming tools like shovels and hoes, and agricultural training so that they can grow their own food to eat and sell.
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