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You can lift an entire family out of poverty every month for just $35. Breaking the cycle of poverty once and for all. 

Christians passionate about ending poverty and following Jesus where the need is greatest.

All over the world the poor do their to feed their families, provide shelter, and give their children better lives. We believe the poor are precious to God and that poverty is a result of the world’s brokenness. We fight suffering and despair because we believe that every person bears God’s image and as Christians it’s our responsibility to help our neighbours.

By donating to Tearfund Canada you join a group of individuals who care about the world’s poor and believe that the church can make a difference. Your contribution will not only be addressing the symptoms of poverty, but will create lasting change.

By joining the Tearfund family, you will be following Jesus where the need is greatest as you help the poor grow more food, save money, and take their first steps out of poverty. What’s more is that you’ll let them know that there is a God who loves and cares for them.