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Discover the Depths of God's Love and Care – Together with Your Child!

Are you looking for a way to strengthen you’re child’s faith and grow in the knowledge of God? 

By downloading our new Children’s Bible study Virtues in Action your child will learn more about what the Bible says about virtues such as justice, compassion, love, faith and generosity – and how to live them out! 

Over the course of five days, you and your child will go through captivating stories, thrilling activities, and heartfelt prayers that explore the heart of God and how he is calling all of us to join him in his redemptive mission around the world.

Perfect for individual study, or with a friend or family member, the devotional includes:

  • A story from Scripture or a short Scripture passage 
  • A Bible Study
  • An activity, prayer, or reflection question to dig even deeper (and keep it fun!)

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What are you looking for today?