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Giving Tuesday 2022

Hunger Crisis in South Ethiopia

A mother prays for her dying child. She has watched the sun scorch the land, the shallow river dry to hard crust, the precious cattle lie dead.  

As we get out of the car, the smell of decay stings the nostrils. Then we see the cause… a whole herd of cattle lie dead on the dusty ground. “It’s like they all just died at the same time,” our local partner says. 

We see massive pits where villagers have buried their dead cattle. Some families have removed the thatch off their roofs to give to their cows in an effort to keep them alive. But it’s no use. 

Dozens of vultures wait 20-30 yards off. They know it won’t be long. 

Over a million people in South Ethiopia are at risk of starvation. After an unprecedented three years of drought, the situation has become desperate. Your gift today will rush emergency food to families who need it most.

Most families in this region are herders. The cattle are their entire livelihood. Their income. Their savings. Their future. Village after village we hear the stories of suffering. Many families walked hundreds of kilometers to find someone that will be able to help. Anyone to help feed their hungry children.

Your gift today will rush emergency food to hungry children and their families.

You’ll provide a supplement called Famix to mothers and children—a quick and effective way to provide the necessary calories and nutrients they need to survive.


Additionally, your donation will provide food kits to 13,000 families. Every month, each person will receive:

  • 15 kg of maize
  • 5 kg of kidney beans
  • 0.5L of vegetable oil

Providing enough calories to keep them alive.


As a Christian organization, we follow Jesus where the need is greatest. Helping everyone who need it. We know that no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, our God is stronger.