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Donate today to help families living in poverty adapt to a changing climate.

As we talk with families living in poverty, the message they tell us is clear: a changing climate is threatening their lives. They tell us that drought is more frequent. Storms are becoming more severe. And food is becoming harder to grow. But as God’s people, we believe that everyone has to thrive – not merely survive. 

Your donation today will help provide families living in poverty the tools they need to adapt to a changing climate and restore the land they live on. It will restore two large areas of land in Ethiopia and Kenya, providing communities with sustainable sources of food and water. Your donation will: 

  • Plant trees and create natural structures to prevent soil erosion and improve soil fertility for farms and nature
  • Educate families about climate-smart agriculture and livestock management so that they have more to eat and sell
  • Implement water conservation techniques and practices to ensure communities have reliable sources of water even in the dry season

As God’s people, we have an opportunity to be agents of love, compassion, and hope. Donate today as we work towards a future where everyone can thrive. 

Donate Today

$100 can provide 2,500 tree seedlings 
$350 can sponsor a farmer field school (25 farmers)
$750 can dig a water well

What are you looking for today?