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Reverend Christopher Ndambuki looks out from his pulpit to his hungry congregation.

“My wife and I sacrifice and share what we have. Though it is generally not enough for us.”

Reverend Ndambuki tells us of the many challenges his congregation has. How families go to sleep hungry, and even when they do attend church, they can’t pay attention.


In this rural part of Kenya, drought has always been a part of life. But changes in the climate have exacerbated the problem. Families find it impossible to grow enough to eat. But in the midst of this, Eaglerise Baptist Church stands strong.


In 2021, Tearfund’s Church partner, Fadhili, met up with Reverend Ndambuki and joined forces. Through church-based community transformation training, the church was better able to meet the immense needs around it.

For many in Reverend Ndambuki's congregation, the hunger they faced was so agonizing it affected their faith. But thanks to church-based community transformation training, today they are full-physically and spiritually.

“Together with Fadhili, we created several saving groups within the church. These groups have been extremely beneficial. Many families started kitchen gardens. New members have started all kinds of businesses such as selling vegetables and plans are doubling constantly.”


“And not just members of the church. The groups have also encouraged others to join. Through this, church membership grew.”


Although Reverend Ndambuki and his church still have many challenges they are empowered and working together towards change. Reverend Ndambuki continues to preach the gospel Sunday morning but now his congregation is full. Donors like you are helping it act as a shining light to all those who pass its doors.

What are you looking for today?