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Should Christians believe in climate change?

When Tearfund is asked about our work caring for creation, we often get asked if we ‘believe’ in climate change, and if Christians should ‘believe’ in climate change.

This is an interesting question, since climate change itself is not a belief system. Despite what some politicians and pundits have said about climate change being a ‘religion,’ it is not.
Based on historical data and global temperature levels, we know that the climate is changing. In our recent post “Is climate change real?”, we’ve gone over the science and global consensus that the climate is changing at a rapid pace because of human activities. 
But what is perhaps most important is listening to our sisters and brothers around the globe who are experiencing the devastating effects of climate change. Droughts are getting longer, floods are becoming more frequent, and sea levels are rising.
Climate change is a poverty issue. We need to study the science of it, but also listen to the voices of the global poor who are crying out for help. The people we’re called to care for as Christians are being impacted the most. To learn more about what you can do to make a real change, check out our creation care campaign.
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What are you looking for today?