Your Questions: How is Tearfund Able to Multiply Donations So Much? 1

Your Questions: How is Tearfund Able to Multiply Donations So Much?

Donors often are amazed at the incredible multipliers we are able to apply to their donations. How is it that we are able to take $1 and multiply to $4, $8, or even $10? It seems to good to be true.

But we are able to provide such large multipliers thanks to strategic partnerships with organizations such as the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (where we are a member), the Humanitarian Coalition, generous churches, and individuals.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Your Questions: How is Tearfund Able to Multiply Donations So Much? 2

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank (or CFGB) is a partnership of 15 Christian organizations that have decided to work together to end global hunger. By receiving money from the Government of Canada, and faithful donors (mostly farmers) across Canada, the CFGB is able to provide its members with large multiplying funds on food assistance and agricultural programs.

The multiplier the CFGB can provide depends on the severity of the food crisis. For the worst food disasters, such as famine, we are able apply for 4X multiplier for the money we send.

Humanitarian Coalition

Your Questions: How is Tearfund Able to Multiply Donations So Much? 3

As part of our membership with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Tearfund Canada has also recently become a part of the Humanitarian Coalition – a coalition of leading Canadian aid agencies.

The Humanitarian Coalition acts as a unified force which the Government of Canada can work with in times of massive emergency (e.g. Cyclone Idai in Mozambique). During times these times, the Canadian government will provide the coalition with matching funds for donations received from the Canadian public. This allows us to multiply your donations during such crisis.  

Partner Churches and Individuals

We have strategically partnered with several generous Christian organizations, churches and individuals to multiply your donations even further. We work with these partners to identify which projects and responses are most critical and when it is best to provide matching funds in order to encourage donations to these areas. Without these generous partners, we would not be able to provide the large multipliers we currently do.

God Provides

The descriptions above briefly outline how we multiply your donations but the actual methodology and mechanisms is quite complex. And although we have tremendous partners who are able to help us conduct incredible work, it is important to remember that ultimately it is God who provides.

Throughout the scriptures we see God take the little that we have and multiply it in ways we could have never imagined. He is the God of the impossible. The God who can feed over 5000 people with only 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish. The God said that faith as a mustard seed could move mountains.

God can do the miraculous no matter how little we have or are able to give. Next time you see us promote a large multiplier, please give, but remember – Jesus is the ultimate multiplier.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…

Ephesians 3:20