Your amazing impact on Amaze Day.

Your amazing impact on Amaze Day. 1

On Amaze Day, this past June 21st, you helped us raise $50,428 to help victims of war and drought in South Sudan!  Your donation was multiplied 8x and became more than $403,000 worth of food.

Recently, we heard a story of one family who you helped through your generosity. I am sharing it with you today so that you will know just how much of a difference you have made.

Alchol lives in Warawar, South Sudan as a single mother of four children after her husband died during conflict in 2013. Having fallen ill in 2017 and having swelling in her eye, she was socially ostracized and rejected by her family. She was unable to support her family on her own and resorted to begging in the markets to feed her children. Alchol mentioned, “I thank God for the project since receiving food distributions, my children and I finally have enough to eat.”

Thank you for your kind donations that have helped 1,200 people, including 1,012 vulnerable women, receive essential food supplies for their families. This has created an invaluable impact on those who have been unable to find other means of support in this summer of scarcity.