“Our family can now eat more than one meal a day…”

Looking over his dusty field, Wolde remembered a time where his family’s 30 acre farm was lush and vibrant. Inheriting land split between his siblings meant that his farm was both small and overworked. Six months a year were marked with hunger, with only one meal a day to sustain him and his family. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t improve the fertility of his land using the farming practices taught to him by his father.

Discouraged and unsure where to turn, he then heard about some farming training being offered at one of the local churches in his village.

There, because of donors like you, Wolde had the opportunity to learn new farming methods at the church called conservation agriculture (CA). He learned biblical principles and how to replenish his dusty fields into healthy soil using his own God-given skills and abilities. Implementing simple techniques such as mulching, minimal tilling, and intercropping, Wolde soon began to witness incredible healthier land, strong plants, and increased yields! No longer did he have to ask others for food or loans, he had enough to provide for himself.

“The soil is improving, and is growing better yields. We are seeing the difference within months.”

The training not only helped him grow more food but provided him with an encouraging community that provides support.

Wolde was so excited about the transformation in his own life that he has become an ambassador of conservation agriculture in Ethiopia.

“The basic principle of conservation agriculture starts with our relationships with God, our neighbours, and with creation. In Ethiopia, we destroyed the land as the population has grown. This has affected our families, our communities, and our churches.”

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, today, Wolde and his family have enough to eat year round. Their lives have been completely changed.

But many other families like Wolde still struggle to make ends meet. Will you consider helping them today?

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