Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 1

Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 1

Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 1

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Every Gift. Every Prayer. Is Powerful in God’s Hands.

Sometimes what we give, or do, can seem insignificant. But God is asking us to trust Him with the little we have.

Jesus teaches us that less is more in God’s hands. Faced with over 5,000 people to feed, a few loaves and fish seemed insignificant to the disciples. But when handed over to Jesus, these loaves and fish became more than they could have ever imagined.

Christ came to give us life in all its fullness (John 10:10). To restore the broken relationships sin caused between us and Him, between each other, and with creation. Furthermore, He called us – His Church – to be a part of this mission.


Tearfund’s World Relief Sunday is an event which provides your congregation the opportunity to be part of something miraculous. To recognize that the little we own – our time, money, and abilities – are good gifts from God given to transform lives and build His Kingdom.

Your congregation will learn the Biblical basis for  Less is More and how it is applicable for their lives and the lives of the poor around the world. They will hear engaging, real-world stories of how God has taken the little we have to give and used it to transform lives of the poor – not just physically, but spiritually.

Together, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can help create a world with:

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By participating in Tearfund’s World Relief Sunday, your congregation will hear incredible stories of how God is using local churches in the most remote parts of the world to continue His restoration mission and have an opportunity to join His calling to love the poor. 

Stories of Restoration

Beautiful Things From Dust

August 15, 2019Looking over his dusty field, Wolde remembered a time where his family’s 30 acre farm was lush and vibrant. But inheriting land split between his siblings meant that his farm ... Read More

The Power of Savings

July 29, 2019As a wife and a mother of 3, Rose Masya depended wholly on farming as a source of income for her family, relying on the weather for a fruitful harvest. ... Read More

A Grandmother’s Struggle

June 15, 2019As a 69-year old widow, Abang Dut Ding struggled to make ends meet for her household of 5 children and 4 orphaned grandchildren in the small village of Warawar, South ... Read More
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  • Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 6

    A Tearfund Guest Speaker

    Often pastors themselves, our speakers are excellent storytellers that will engage your congregation and challenge them to apply God’s word in their lives. Having been involved in poverty alleviation around the world for decades, they will provide unique examples and perspectives for your congregation. (If you wish NOT to have a speaker, please let us know, and arrangements will be made).

  • Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 7

    Promotional Materials

    You will receive Less is More posters, bulletin inserts and web material to help get the word out.

  • Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 8

    5 Week Devotional Series

    Specially produced for your congregation, you will receive access and materials for a 5-week devotional on the Less is More theme. Complete with scripture and practical steps, this devotional will help your congregation not only hear the word, but help them apply it to their daily lives.

  • Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 9

    Sermon Materials

    Along with sermon notes, you will receive a Powerpoint presentation and two awe-inspiring videos to help illustrate and bring the Less is More theme to life.

  • Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 10

    Christians Who Make a Difference Book (LIMITED TO THE FIRST 50!)

    This comprehensive study co-produced by Tearfund and Barna examines the relationship between prioritizing care for the disadvantaged and spiritual growth. A $40 value.

Help Your Congregation Go Deeper!

New for this year is a 5-week Devotional Series based on the Less is More theme. Specifically created for Tearfund’s World Relief Sunday, this series not only teaches your congregation more about how God can transform the little we have, it also provides practical, easy actions that one can implement in their day to day living.



  • Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 11

    – Matthew Wiley

    Lead Pastor, Rice Road Community Church

    Tearfund Sunday is an opportunity for us to pool our resources together and to make a difference in the lives of others. The experience was uplifting and uniting. It brought the congregation together and it has prepared us for the conversation we are having now in regards to sending people on short term missions trips.

  • Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 12

    Pastor Pete Burrill

    Emmanuel reformed Church, Woodstock

    “Over the last several years we have been blessed to participate with Tearfund in World Relief Sunday and in this small way participate in the work that God is leading them to do all over His Kingdom. We have found in Tearfund a ministry of integrity and blessing and look forward to participating with them for years to come.”

  • Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 13

    Bishop Cliff Fletcher

    Free Methodist Church in Canada

    “I am so thankful for our partnership with Tearfund. It has been at least 20 years of journeying together. One of our priorities as a Free Methodist Church is stopping poverty and stepping into injustices and Tearfund provides us with that opportunity and outreach. Thank you for our partnership!”

  • Tearfund's World Relief Sunday 14

    Pastor Kelvin Luong

    Hallelujah Evangelical Free Church

    "Tearfund gives priority to the world’s poorest; impacting those least likely to get help. Tearfund is committed to serve the poor through the local churches so it is more cost effective, more sustainable, empowering the churches to gain respect and influence in their community, proclaiming a wholistic gospel that reaches the body, soul, and spirit. Community economic empowerment projects address the root causes of poverty with the potential of not just providing temporary relief but transforming the whole community for good."


1. Pray

Ask God if this Less is More topic / study is a fit for your church and congregants. Reflect how they might benefit from this opportunity.

2. Select a Preferred Date

Tearfund’s World Relief Sunday can be held on any Sunday starting September 2019 to June 2020. If you prefer to have host it on another day or evening, please let us know.

3. Fill In Your Details

The basics. Your address, phone number, email and size of your church.  

4. Let Us Know What’s On Your Heart (Optional)

We want to help you and your congregation learn and apply God’s word and grow His Kingdom. If you have any particular challenges that you need help with, we would love to hear them.

5. Donate (Optional)

We believe in making Tearfund’s World Relief Sunday as accessible as possible to encourage and equip congregations across Canada. Therefore we don’t charge for any of our materials, we simply ask your church donate what it can to help cover the cost of printing and postage.

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s it! We will follow-up with you to confirm your details, speaker and logistics. On the day of, be ready to see how God can take the little we have and use it to transform lives!  


Spots are filling fast so sign up today to get your preferred Sunday! The first 50 churches registered will receive a FREE COPY of Barna’s new study: Christians Who Make a Difference. Don’t wait until the last minute, register today.

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